Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Dream's Edge

What is "Dream's Edge"?

Dream's Edge Films create films, mostly animations.
These can be adverts, educational films, features, shorts, and other commissions.

As for where "Dream's Edge' comes from, that's partly a novel, a fragment of a dream and also a philosophical idea.

When the mind is relaxed, perhaps partly asleep, then a door is opened, and dreams may come in.

But like in The Land of Green Ginger you may awake to find yourself poised with one foot over a precipice: do you take that step? Or draw back from the brink?
If this is dreamland then who knows what may be down there in the mist, where the falls thunder into the earth, danger? excitment? you may land on a balloon, wings may sprout from your shoulders -
anything could happen.

Take a step! Will the mist form a step to hold you? Will you fall? If you don't take that first step you may never find out.

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